A simple projects manager for Autodesk Maya


Work like the industry professionals

Pipeline is simple and straight forward tool for managing Maya projects, from simple one-shot animations, through student shorts, to asset beasts like tv series.
Start working smarter and let Pipeline handle all the dirty work, and stay focused on your artwork.


Project organisation

Quickly create and expand your project tree without leaving Maya,
build clean projects with preset or customised folder structure and naming conventions that matches your production needs.


Version control

Pipeline handles the mess of saving of versions, playblast recordings and publishing master files.
Masters are also being versioned, so you can publish with no worries and always roll back to safety.


Team collaboration

Work alone or create a working space for your team.
Assign roles and keep assets safe and critical functions hidden from non admin team members.



Evaluate on your own projects
Limited functionality
Non-Commercial use only



Non-Commercial and Educational use only
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Ready for production use
No limitations



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